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My name is Rachel, born in 1936. I was born in Kibbutz Ramat Yochanan. Daughter of Lahya and Nahum Chen, one of the founders of the kibbutz. Today I am a grandmother and great-grandmother to grandchildren, great-grandchildren and great-grandchildren. I live in Nahariya with my partner Amnon, who is almost 10 years older than me, and has been suffering from Alzheimer's for over 10 years. Living with us for three and a half years, working from India. He is our grandson for everything. A dedicated, loyal, reliable, diligent, warm, loving person and much more. I call him an angel. A brief history of my life: I studied a bachelor's degree at Be'er Sheva University in behavioral sciences, and further studies at the University of Haifa: soft by occupation. In this profession I have worked all these years with children Painting is an age-old hobby. I learned a little in different courses by several teachers in my places of residence. I acquired the main part myself, because of my curiosity and huge passion for painting. I started painting on canvas with oil colors and acrylic colors. Over the years I moved to painting on paper with watercolors and aqualine colors. A few words about the Aqualine paints that I have been dealing with for several years: these are water-based liquid paints. Usually come in small bottles with droppers. Lately I've also been using Aqualine markers. Draw with them on paper special for watercolors. The best in the country is the canson. The work process is to attach the paper to the work surface, so that it does not move. First, wet the paper with water using a sponge or a brush. I choose a color that suits me, preferably light so that I can continue with dark colors. You spread the color with the dropper randomly [even with your eyes closed], then tilt the paper in different directions and let the color spread as it wants [this is the fun part]. Different and interesting shapes are obtained on the paper. This is where the creative work begins: first observing while turning the paper. When I see something that looks like me, the work with the brush or brushes begins. Sometimes I also use cooking salt when the color is still wet. I spread it in the places I see. The salt absorbs the water and a kind of flowers appear. So far the process. On the contents or the subjects of the painting: although it can be divided into subjects, I still define myself as an intuitive painter. The subjects I deal with are abstract painting, plants, landscapes, people, houses and animals. The painting is of course influenced by difficulties and difficult struggles that I have been going through in recent years and it is especially evident in the abstract painting. The observer sees and is impressed according to his personality. Connects more or less. This is the unknown and known. All in all, I really enjoy coming and painting in the studio behind my house on a daily basis. The painting makes you forget the pain. .and a last word. Recently, I have been more satisfied with my work than before, which of course explains my desire to continue painting





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